Tax Reform Proposal Could Push More Homeowners To Insure At-Risk Properties

insurance schools inc reviewsThe nightmarish landscape that southern California has become during the first week of December 2017 could actually become worse in the near future. According to a Dec. 7, 2017 article from the Los Angeles Daily News, the tax-reform measure working its way through Congress would nix or decrease homeowner tax deductions for properties damaged during natural disasters. Specifically, the change in the tax code would mean that homeowners wouldn’t be able to deduct their losses for a property that wasn’t insured or was under-insured, according to the report. As of Dec. 8, 2017, the fire that had spread across some 115,000 acres leveled 427 buildings in Ventura County. The fires that are located north of downtown Los Angeles have triggered mass evacuations and officials have told other nearby residents that the time could soon come to gather personal belongings and head out.

While the tax reform proposal still has a ways to go before possible passage, some California lawmakers are saying that it “defies common sense to do away with deductions like this.” This is a development that property and casualty insurance agents will be following closely, as it is crucial that these professionals stay up-to-speed on all developments that are related to their field. Since the proposal would discount damaged homes that were uninsured or under-insured, those living in California who are at risk of being affected by wildfires may start to think twice about skipping out on this essential service. Those reading up on Insurance Schools Inc. reviews to see if this field of employment is right for them should feel better knowing that the online outlet is constantly updating course materials.

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