Insurance Schools Inc. Explains Difference Between Agent, Producer And Broker

insurance schools incMaybe it was an insurance agent who helped you out in a time of need. Maybe you have an innate drive to help those around you. Maybe a specific field where insurance is applicable appeals to you. No matter the reason for wanting to get into the field of insurance, there are plenty of paths to take. The thing is, rules and regulations surrounding the way to become an insurance agent, the tests you must pass and companies you can or can’t work for vary from state to state. One of the most effective ways to navigate the plethora of red tape surrounding these routes is through working with Insurance Schools Inc. This online classroom that offers state exam test preparation is an unrivaled service for those who want to enter the field of insurance but aren’t quite sure where to begin.


Overall, those who opt to use Insurance Schools Inc. as their trusted resource for learning everything they’ll need to know about their field of choice will be presented with a plethora of resources. From PDF state-specific text books to thousands of exam preparation questions to actual tests that will – in some states – get you a seat for the real thing, it’s impossible to walk out of the Insurance Schools Inc. digital classroom without having learned a whole lot. However, there are always a few more questions and we’re here to answer one of the more common ones: “What’s the difference between an insurance producer, agent and broker?”


Generally, an insurance producer is someone who has been licensed by the state to sell insurance products. It’s a catch-all term of sorts, as a producer is capable of working as an agent or broker. In New Jersey, for example, the Insurance Schools Inc. training material will tell you that you can work as a property and casualty insurance producer. In exchange for signing up for this online exam preparation program, you’ll have access to a simulator that will present you with more than 2,000 question. The difference between an agent and broker is a bit more straightforward: The former workers for a specific insurance company while the latter can work with multiple companies to provide consumers with the best rates. Industry experts say that brokers must stay abreast of changing rules and regulations across multiple fields while agents benefit from direct contact from their employer to dictate any new standard operating procedures.