Take Preventative And Proactive Measures Before Next Natural Disaster Hits

insurance schools inc reviewsFor many of those residing on the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy and the estimated $70 billion in damages it inflicted will always be a moment to remember. The devastating storm that primarily ravaged New York and New Jersey received national attention for images of a flooded lower Manhattan and a roller coaster tossed into the ocean waves off of Seaside Heights. According to an Oct. 31, 2017 article from Wired magazine, businesses and museums hit hard by the 2012 hurricane and other natural disasters are learning to adapt. What’s more, those considering the ever-helpful field of property insurance are learning all about the evolving industry and their role in the wake of a natural disaster via Insurance Schools Inc reviews.

According to the Wired article, the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan has since added elevation to its footprint by more than 16 feet. A “500-foot-long mobile wall” is one of the new tools that can be rapidly deployed in the event of storm surges in the borough along the Hudson River and a new “flood door” is designed to hold back debris. All told, the art museum spent some $10 million on “disaster-proof” efforts. In Florida, which is no stranger to heavy rains and winds during hurricane season, the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg has reinforced windows and walls that are 18 inches thick, according to Wired.

To those researching Insurance Schools Inc reviews as they hopefully head off toward a career as an insurance agent or adjuster, these types of budget-breaking storms are becoming a fact of life. As an insurance agent or adjuster who is out in the field and working with insurance policy holders, you’re going to come across a different scenario every time your services are needed. That’s why it’s so important to take the preparation process seriously. Through a company like Insurance Schools Inc, you can take state-specific exam preparation courses that will help you get ready for the state-sanctioned test required toward becoming a licensed agent.

However, passing that state test isn’t the last step; you’ll still need to catch the eye of a local insurance agency and get hired. One of the best ways to increase your chances of landing that job is by reading up on Insurance Schools Inc reviews and figuring out what worked best for those who’ve completed the training materials provided by the company. For those considering a career as New Jersey property producer, Insurance Schools Inc offers 35 exam preparation tests that have 90 questions each. These questions are culled from the 2,000 in the company’s database and you’ll have six months of access after enrolling. Given the above examples of extensive damage done by storms, it’s quite likely that the need for trained insurance agents is only likely to increase in the coming years.

Threat Of Yet Another Florida Hurricane Means More Insurance Agents Will Be Needed

Insurance Schools Inc. reviewsAs if Florida hasn’t endured enough in 2017, the state is keeping a watchful eye on yet another storm in the Atlantic Ocean that’s possibly churning itself toward landfall. According to an Oct. 9, 2017 article from the Miami Herald, Tropical Storm Ophelia is expected to be upgraded to hurricane status later in the week. Per the Herald, this storm could be the 10th consecutive one to obtain “hurricane” status and would tie a record set in the 1800s. Moreover,  Florida has already been battered by five hurricanes in 2017 – three of them being ranked as category 5. Meteorologists told the newspaper that warm ocean temperatures plus the fact that many of the storms that struck Florida managed to avoid other major land masses on their way toward the Sunshine State haven’t helped. The Herald notes that Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Texas in late August, was the country’s first “major” hurricane in more than a decade. Hurricane Irma, which followed not long after Irma, was an unwelcome guest to all Floridians, with damages climbing into the billions.

In fact, the Herald previously reported that it could take decades before an exact figure can be placed next to the damage done. Presently, an information company predicted the bill to fall anywhere between $42 billion and $65 billion. Wind alone was said to have caused some $19.4 billion dollars in damages, according to Florida International University, and FEMA’s flood insurance program has pegged flood damages between $5 billion and $8 billion.

While these are insurmountable amounts to the average homeowner, Insurance Schools Inc. reviews show that those who take the path toward becoming a public adjuster serve a valuable role in the wake of such devastation. That’s because public adjusters, no matter which state they are licensed by, help homeowners out by surveying the destruction and submitting claims to insurance companies. In Florida, the basic requirements for becoming a public adjuster is to be at least 18 years old, a resident of Florida and either have completed an apprenticeship, hold an adjuster license and file for a $50,000 surety bond. These may look like lofty goals for some, but one look at Insurance Schools Inc. reviews will show that this company takes many steps to prepare students for everything they’ll need to know when preparing for the state exam. What’s more, online course work has been updated as of Jan. 1, 2017 to reflect the needs of new outlines.

While the effects of Tropical Storm Ophelia remains to be seen, the damages done by Irma are all around and Floridians need to reminder of what a hurricane can do their lives. By reading Insurance Schools Inc. reviews, you’ll learn that becoming a public adjuster or insurance agent of any kind is a role welcomed by those in distress.